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The Legal Advocacy You Need After A Serious Truck Accident

If you’ve ever driven next to an 18-wheeler on the highway, you’ve seen how large they are and, therefore, likely understand the dangers these giant vehicles pose. Accidents involving two standard-sized vehicles can result in serious injuries. But when a truck is involved, even accidents that might otherwise be considered minor are likely to result in catastrophic injuries or death.

After a devastating truck accident, you cannot afford to simply trust that trucking companies will accept responsibility or that insurance companies will offer a fair settlement. You need an experienced lawyer who will advocate aggressively for your interests.

An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Right To Compensation

Attorney Benton Gann from Benton Gann, Attorney at Law, in Little Rock, can help. He has thorough knowledge in this area of law and is not intimidated by insurance companies or the trucking companies they insure. And if you aren’t offered a fair settlement, he will not hesitate to take your case to trial to recover the fair compensation you deserve.

Who Is At Fault For A Trucking Accident?

There are certainly instances in which drivers of smaller vehicles cause accidents involving large trucks. But semi truck accidents are often the result of negligence on the part of truck drivers, trucking companies or both. Examples include:

  • Drowsy and fatigued driving caused by spending too many consecutive hours behind the wheel
  • Speeding and aggressive driving
  • Failure to keep a lookout when turning, changing lanes or making other maneuvers in heavy traffic
  • Failure to adapt driving to poor weather or road conditions
  • Failure to make timely vehicle repairs, such as replacing worn-out brakes
  • Loads that are too heavy or improperly balanced
  • Cargo that is improperly secured, causing it to fall off the truck during transit
  • Violation of hours-of-service rules in order to make tight delivery deadlines
  • Drugged or drunk driving

Possible At-Fault Parties

Truck accident litigation often has multiple defendants: the truck driver, the driver’s employer and the insurance company that offered the commercial policy. Nearly every action a truck driver takes is ultimately the responsibility of the trucking company, and liability for both is assumed by the insurance company.

The High Costs Victims Face

While truck drivers can often walk away from crashes uninjured, many occupants of smaller vehicles sustain serious injuries. When these accidents are not fatal, it is not uncommon for victims to suffer catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injury, that may lead to permanent paralysis or other disabilities.

For these reasons, the costs of a truck accident can often be measured in millions of dollars. You may need to seek compensation for:

  • Medical bills (past, present and future)
  • Physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy
  • Lost wages (from time spent unable to work)
  • Permanent disability
  • Necessary environmental accommodations for disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity

Attorney Gann will help you calculate these costs and fight to make sure that you have the resources you need to recover as fully as possible. He has helped others in similar situations. He can help you.

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