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Were You Severely Injured By A Dangerous Product?

Most Americans assume that the products they buy will be safe and effective. Much of the time, this assumption turns out to be true. Unfortunately, dangerous and defective products make it onto store shelves frequently, unnecessarily harming millions of consumers each year.

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt and suspect that it may be due to a product defect, Benton Gann, Attorney at Law, in Little Rock, has the experience to help.

Identifying How And Why Products Might Be Dangerous

There are essentially three ways in which a product defect can lead to injury and liability. The first is a problem with how the product was designed (meaning the very way the product was created makes it dangerous). The second is a problem with how the product was manufactured (meaning certain batches of a product are dangerous). The third is a manufacturer’s failure to include adequate safety instructions or warnings, leading to improper use and injury.

Common examples of dangerous and defective products include:

  • Malfunctioning appliances that cause burns, fires, explosions or amputations
  • Dangerous children’s toys containing toxic parts or posing choking hazards
  • Yard equipment like lawnmowers and chainsaws that may lack necessary guards or other safety features
  • Household chemicals that lack adequate safety warnings
  • Electronics that can overheat and catch on fire
  • Motor vehicles with safety defects that make a crash more likely, more injurious or both

If you’ve been harmed by one of the products listed above or by any other product that was defective, you may be able to obtain compensation stemming from your injuries. This can include medical expenses, rehabilitation therapy, and lost wages.

Third-Party Liability Lawsuits For Workers Injured On The Job

If you were injured by a dangerous/defective product at work, you may be able to sue the product manufacturer for your injuries in addition to receiving any workers’ compensation benefits offered by your employer. These are known as third-party liability lawsuits. Your employer would not be legally liable for your injuries, but the product manufacturer could be. This is an option worth exploring when you contact the firm about your case.

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