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What are the biggest on-the-job risks for truckers?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

Truck drivers in Georgia and around the world have incredibly demanding jobs. Awareness of the most common risks these workers face that often lead to serious accidents is essential.

Truck accidents

Truck drivers face more apparent risks on the job than truck accidents. Many factors contribute to an accident, but the most common are driver fatigue, inadequate job training, speeding, and poor vehicle maintenance.

Poor road conditions

Unfortunately, certain roads are in major disrepair and can put all drivers at risk. Truck drivers are at an exceptionally high risk of danger when traveling on roads that are in significant disrepair or in certain types of weather conditions like snow or ice. A large and heavy vehicle takes much longer to stop and could even tip over. Truckers can quickly lose control of their trucks and get into a severe crash.

Ergonomic injuries

Truck drivers are susceptible to ergonomic injuries due to sedentary hours. They work long hours to get from one place to another and often have scant breaks between destinations. This adds strain to a truck driver’s neck, back, arms, hands, and wrists. Repetitive strain can lead to severe injuries. Truckers are also often responsible for loading heavy cargo onto their vehicles, which can only add to the stress on their bodies.

Occupational illnesses

Certain types of illnesses are common among truck drivers. They have a higher risk of developing heart disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, and even some cancers. The stress of driving for long, tedious hours can take its toll and increase the risks of these and other conditions or worsen those the driver already experiences. It’s important for truckers to get regular health screenings to stay safe on the road and avoid accidents.

When truckers are aware of these risks, they can take measures to mitigate them, keeping themselves and other vehicle occupants safe.