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Traffic deaths have reached an all time high

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently published the results of a study that has taken several years to complete. In this study, they show that the number of traffic deaths in Arkansas and the rest of the nation has reached an all-time high. This is a topic of rapidly growing concern.

Traffic deaths are at the highest level in years

The result of the NHTSA study has been to prove that the number of deaths and fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents has reached its highest level in 16 years. 42,915 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes over the course of the previous year. This figure represents an increase of some 10.5% from the 38,824 traffic fatalities that were recorded over the course of 2020.

It should be noted that this figure represents the highest number of traffic crash fatalities that has been recorded since 2005. This figure also denotes the largest annual percentage increase since the Fatality Analysis Reporting System began. Even as safety measures are being discussed, the trend continues upward.

Fatalities involving trucks are on the rise

The total number of crashes recorded on Arkansas highways has also jumped to a wholly unprecedented level over the course of the past year. As a result, experts are looking at a series of new safety initiatives that can help to bring the number down. This is particularly true when it comes to accidents that involve trucks.

According to the study released by the NHTSA, crashes that involved at least one large truck were up by a total of 13%. This represents a sharp reversal of the earlier trend that saw a decline in the number of these crashes through 2020. The total number of fatal accidents involving trucks in 2021 was set at 5,601.

The study also showed that the number of fatalities that involved large trucks went up throughout the year. The number of drivers killed was up by 12%, while the number of fatalities involving passengers increased by 9%. The number of fatalities reported among cyclists increased by 5%.