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Staying safe around trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

Driving in congested traffic is an art form for the most part, and especially in states like Arkansas with a varying landscape of hills and crooked highways. All high-volume traffic flow can be difficult to navigate. However, driving in close proximity of trucks is even more challenging than among all standard motor vehicles due to the sheer size and wind force. Experienced drivers understand this issue, but many inexperienced drivers who are new to negotiating dense traffic can cause an accident quickly when they make a bad and often dangerous decision to drive around an 18-wheeler. Here are a few considerations for all drivers in Arkansas.

Maintain a safe distance

The first rule of driving in close proximity with a big rig is keeping a safe distance away from them at all times in as much as it is possible. Motor vehicle accidents happen far too often in Arkansas when multiple vehicles travel at high rates of speed around tractor-trailer rigs. Not only should drivers stay a safe distance behind, driving directly beside them should be avoided as well.

Maintain reasonable speed

Another issue with big trucks is that they often travel at high rates of speed on the open road. As opposed to trying to stay in the flow of traffic with them, many times it is best to slow down and let them get a distance down the road when there is available space.

Always use signal indicators accurately

Signal indicators are a primary safety and courtesy device on every vehicle that helps all drivers avoid auto accidents. Failure to use signals is not only a highway violation, using them properly is one of the safest measures any driver can take to show other motorists where they intend to go. They should be used in plenty of time for other drivers to notice, and never cut directly in front of a commercial vehicle without allowing ample room.

These are just a few of the common-sense steps that drivers can take when in close quarters with an 18-wheeler or any other oversize commercial vehicle. Driving defensively means much more when close to a big rig because truck accidents are also often fatal accidents.